We made it!!

After four and a half years on the road we did it!  We reached ‘home’ again, right back where we started, where we hugged our families and waved goodbye as we set off on an adventure of a lifetime.  We had lots of dreams and lots of goals but one goal would only be complete if we got back to where we started:

We’ve crossed every line of longitude

We’ve crossed the equator twice – once in each direction

We’ve covered enough miles to drive the grand circle (distance round the earth)

We’ve arrived back where we started

And we’ve visited two points on the planet, on land, exactly opposite each other – the antipodal points.  The first in Mongolia just outside Ulaanbaator, the second in southern Chile.

We’ve discovered new favourite places, new favourite wildlife, and made lots of new friends.

It’s not always been easy.  The finances have taken a battering and our poor old Landy needs some powerful TLC.  Would we do it again?  You bet.

2014 10 11 - first photos on landing in England (2)

Celebration at Ramsgate Undercliffe – 11th November 2014







“Sights & Insights”, our 2012 photobook of wisdom and photos from our time on the road is still available from BobBooks – follow this link: