Update: Tanzania to Kenya


After some amazing wildlife viewing in Botswana and Tanzania we’ve arrived in Nairobi in Kenya.  Here we are dealing with some visa woes – the Ethiopian Embassies around the world no longer issues visas, so we’ve had to send our passports back to England to get the Ethiopian visas.  The Sudanese Embassy require a letter of invitation from someone in Sudan plus a letter from our own Embassy confirming our identity.  The former we have applied for and is taking time.  But the British Consulate decided a year ago that they would not longer issues these letters (for which they charged around £50 anyway).  So, once we have our passports back and the letter from Sudan we have to go to the Sudanese Embassay, then when they ask for the British Embassy letter we have to remind them that our Embassy or Consulate no longer issues them, then we have to ask them to phone the British Consulate who will confirm this verbally over the phone.  What a pallava!!  Watch this space.

In the meantime here’s a beautiful adult male lion from the Serengeti.

2014 07 18 - 2 - lions elephants and landscapes in Serengeti (4)





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