Visiting Auschwitz

15th June 2010 by Helen
Crystal, Jiri & Yukon

Crystal, Jiri & Yukon

First thing, before we went to the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum and camp we chatted with a couple who have been travelling for three years, working with schools mainly around Eastern Europe encouranging greater understanding of other cultures.  Jaris is from the Czech Republic and Crystal is Canadian (  They gave us some tips about the tour and we set off. 

It was extremely hot and it was easy to imagine that in this sort of weather the conditions in the camp would have been intolerable.  Even with some quite graphic images in the pre-tour video and seeing the bunks where prisoners slept four or five to a bunk it is hard to imagine the enormity of what went on here.  For me (Helen) the most telling part of ther tour was the evidence of the number of prisoners who were selected to work because they were fit and healthy and yet who died from the effects of disease, starvation and hard labour within just a few months of their arrival.  It seems that would have been death by slow torture, making the mass gas chambers seem almost humane by comparison.

Tonight we moved on and found ourselves sleeping in another lorry park!!

Us in the lorry park

Us in the lorry park

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  1. Les B says:

    Over a week since we heard anything. Is that good or bad?

  2. BECKY LANE says:

    Hiya both, following you on your travels, got your letter OK. Scotland was FAB and very few mozzies srangely- unlike you! Got bitten loads ourside our local though Saturday nite. The landlord kindly supplies Avon’s skin so soft whichis a bonus. Take care and good luck,
    Becky and Rob

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