Mozzie attack

6th July 2010 by Helen

Monday 5th July

We drove until late last night.  Too late to find a decent bit of off-road camping.  With it being dark and impossible to see we pitched up in a road side parking bay and kipped in the cab.  Only problem was we had parked near some still water and the cab was full of mozzies when we woke this morning.  Paul had complained of a difficult night sleeping for the sound of their buzzing, while Helen blissfully slept through the noise but noticed the lumps and bumps of their work when she woke.  After squashing some 50 or more of the little whatsits on the inside of the windscreen, we moved on.

We are taking it easy on Landy’s newly repaired suspension and eventually we reached Kyzlorda, a largish town where we have once again found access to the Internet – this time in a games Internet cafe surrouned by kids and teenagers playing games!

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