Back in Russia again

29th July 2010 by Helen

Tuesday 27th July

Really fast border crossing into Russia this morning – just two and a half hours to get through two sets of border controls.  Back in Russia we notice that everything looks a bit cleaner and better maintained.  However, although the people are polite they are not quite so friendly as in Kazakhstan.  Managed to fill up with diesel before we crossed the border (it’s cheaper in Kazakhstan – about 30p a litre, whilst it is about 50p a litre in Russia).

Really quite cold here – down to 15C much of the day.  Certainly compared to be up in the 30’s and 40’s of only a couple of weeks ago!

Lots more fields of sunflowers, not yet harvested, unlike Kazakhstan where it was hotter.  Quite a lot of agricultural use of the land here in the Altai area of Russia, also quite industrialised in the main towns.

Distance travelled 338 km

Overnight – camped off road behind some trees just outside Barnaul

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  1. Eduard says:

    I know you. You at us were in Stavropol.))))I admire you.))))

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