Airborne sleep?

1st February 2011 by Helen

After a day of pottering around, getting a bit of shopping done, etc, we camped at one of the RV parks just outside Moab, to take advantage of some hot showers and a laundry. The day had been pretty cold and getting colder. By the time we were putting the tent up at the campsite it was already -10C, with a wind chill factor making it feel well below that. Deciding we would get out our arctic sleeping bags Paul climbed on Landy’s bonnet and pulled them out of the top box (that big silver box over the windscreen you can see in some of the pictures). I was on the ground putting something away in the car when a flash of something light coloured flew past me. It looked for all the world like an old carrier bag being sent flying along by the wind, tumbling light and fast over the ground. And in an instant I realised what I was seeing. One of our sleeping bags in its storage sack. Within seconds Paul was throwing the other sleeping bag at me as he went sprinting across the RV park in the dark, bravely and gallantly rescuing some of our warmth for the night!!

Campsite – Portal RV park just outside Moab

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