Stars in the Night Sky

12th February 2011 by Helen

One of the differences we have experienced on our travels has been to actually see the night sky.  England has so much light pollution and clouds it’s not often you get to see a clear starlit sky at night.  Right through Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the Russian Far East, and now in the US, the huge open spaces of country means a lack of light pollution has given us the chance to see some startlingly clear starlit skies.  Here in Flagstaff is based the Lowell Observatory and so we took a chance to take an educational walk around their exhibition here and a peek through the telescope.  We were told that we were looking at the ‘birthplace’ of new stars in the sky when we looked through the telescope.  The exhibition was informative and the pictures amazing, but I’m afraid much of it still went ‘over my head’ and I’m resigned to just admiring rather than understanding astronomy.

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