Ready for the Expo

31st March 2011 by Helen
Landy getting all spruced up ready for the Expo

Landy getting all spruced up ready for the Expo

White toast and jam masquerading as a hotel ‘continental breakfast’ was not as inspiring as the chat we had with Billy in the breakfast room.  Billy is a traveller, he just doesn’t know it yet.  He thinks of himself as homeless instead.

Took Landy in for a jet wash to get him all spruced up ready for the Expo.  Finally arrived at Amado and set up camp onsite ready for the weekend event.  Met other overlanders who are also here for the weekend – including Anna and Pablo who have been on the road for 11 years!!  We feel like amateurs!!

half million $ Unicat - with Anna & Paulo's Mitsubishi next door

half million $ Unicat - with Anna & Pablo's Mitsubishi next door

Anna and Pablo’s old Mitsubishi van was parked right next to a half million dollar Unicat.  Talk about opposite ends of the overlanding scale!!

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  1. Nice picture!!! That half a million dollar Unicat was the travellers porn star in the Expo!!!
    Regards from the road….

  2. helen says:

    … but it was your truck that had my eye …
    It was great to meet you and be inspired by your life on the road
    (still trying to buy that macrame cord)

  3. Did you look at Home Depot?? I’d seen some basic colors there… white, pink, black and yellow… I have’nt seen it at Michaels, but I’ve seen some hemp cord that can work, too…

    Are you already in Mexico?

    Have lots of fun!!
    Anna + Pablo

  4. helen says:

    Haven’t seen a Home Depot since we left Amado but looking out for one. When I asked in Michael’s the only thing they offered me was the ‘string’ they sell for making beaded necklaces. Very expensive!! Got a crochet hook and some crochet cotton and made my first ‘cross’ though, currently hanging in the window.

    Due to enter Mexico around Easter.

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