Texas scenery

20th April 2011 by Helen

Today has been one of those ‘road trip days’.  We’ve ploughed our way along the I10 towards the small town of Junction, where we have arranged to have a parcel delivered to the KOA campsite there.

It’s a shame but we have in effect run out of time to explore much of Texas.  What we have seen is a very long and straight Interstate, surrounded for miles by flat, sandy, scrubby land, full of blowing dust.  Breaking up the scenery have been hundreds upon hundreds of modern windmills, the wind farm clearly being a growth industry here.  The temperature has been hideously hot, running at 35-36 C for much of the day.  That is until about tea time, when we stopped for a cool down at a rest area, that got decidedly cooler as a storm blew up and we drove off into a hailstorm and a rainbow!!

Whenever we’ve stopped we’ve met interesting people and people interested in our truck.  Including a group from the Venturers Search & Rescue, in a Land Rover Defender 130.  They had not long come from a three day event with the Texas Land Rover club, getting in some local genuine ‘off-road’ excitement.  We had known about the event, but not made it here in time to join in.

Back on the road it was stiflingly hot but having stopped at a rest area for a break we noticed the clouds coming across, the wind got up and we found ourselves in the middle of loads of dust and leaves blowing about.  Setting off again the rain came down harder still.  Many drivers had pulled off the road, sheltering from the hail underneath the bridges, while many trucks had pulled off the road on to the hard shoulder.  We kept going in the rain and hail, stopping only to repair our windscreen wiper (which has a personality trait of falling off when used).  With absolutely nowhere else to camp along this wide open road we decided to keep going until we reached the Junction KOA: there we booked in for a campsite but were upgraded to a cabin on the grounds that a tornado has been forecast!!

Diesel is hideously expensive here in the US, but it’s usually fairly consistent within each State.  Here in Texas we’ve found it can vary by as much as 50c a (US) gallon!!

We also learned an interesting fact about Texan farming from the owner, Dusty.  This area used to rely on sheep and goat farming.  More recently they have imported African animals which are now farmed and bred here, providing some very expensive ‘African hunting’ experiences right here in Texas.  Caused us to have a bit of a debate between ourselves about the ethics of this kind of farming and hunting.

Campsite – Junction KOA

Distance travelled – 318 miles

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