21st April 2011 by Helen

We are nearly at the end of our time in America.  We have had some amazing experiences and met some fantastic people (more of that in a later blog).  However, as we find ourselves approaching the expiry of our US visa, so we find ourselves thinking more and more about the country we are to visit next.  We are detaching ourselves emotionally from America, preparing to say goodbye and hello at the same time.

 It’s as if we are already shifting our perspectives.  We have noticed this before, our perspectives shift in advance of our physical shift to a new environment.  Hence, my comment in an earlier blog about Paul ‘practicing his fake Mexican accent’ – he was not enamoured by my revelation, particularly since a real Mexican has emailed us saying he is dying to hear Paul’s version!!  As he and Paul will be spending quite a bit of time together during May, my next comment has to be: Ooops!!

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