Thanks for Thanksgiving!

25th November 2012 by Helen

As we are a long way from any internet connection it is unfortunate that we will be late in posting this blog.  But here’s thanks to our US friends for whom we have special memories at Thanksgiving.

For Mike & Jenni whose car we delivered from Anchorage to Pensacola on Thanksgiving Eve 2010 (and who have now moved north again), and who gave us our first taste of Pumpkin Pie.  For Carl & Marilyn who gave us somewhere to stay as we flew back from Pensacola on Thanksgiving Day itself, and then waited for our Landy to be released by the Department of Agriculture and the Port of Seattle.  For Steve and his family who gave us our first ever Thanksgiving Dinner.  For Monica at Vantage Point who struggled with her own country’s bureaucracy to get our car released from the Port.  For Tom and Bill at Great Basin Rovers in Salt Lake City, who, twelve months later, were pulling all the stops out to get us parts sent to Quito in Ecuador.  And for all our other special US friends, too numerous to mention.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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