Closing in on Torres del Paine

14th May 2013 by Helen

camping in Torres del Paine

camping in Torres del Paine

After returning to El Calafate we took advantage of the excellent local laundry to get our duvet jackets washed and post some postcards.

This morning (Tuesday) we packed up and headed out of town, following Ruta 11, 40, 5, 7. 40 (again) until we crossed the border into Chile.  The scenery along this route had reminded us of Montana with wide open fields of a dirty golden colour tinged occasionally with white, the snow topped mountains in the distance.  Along the way we saw our first ever sign warning of ‘potholes’ in the road, and several signs of warning of horizontal winds (the best one was a picture of a tree being blown over).

Once over the border and into Chile again it was nearing dusk and we looked for somewhere to stop for the night.  There were no obvious hostels anywhere to be seen, or at least nowhere near the road, and no readily identified campsites either.  Eventually we reached the entrance to Torres del Paine National Park, which was closed but the gate open so we carried on and finally found an official National Park campsite with all the facilities closed.  However, being sheltered more by the trees than anywhere else we decided to camp there anyway.

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