The last ten days ….

28th May 2013 by Helen

… we have been occupied in Puerto Natales, getting ready for Paul to visit England during June and sourcing and ordering the parts needed for Landy’s repairs.  The weather has been mostly overcast so we haven’t had the opportunity to see the nearby lake at its best – we hope to get the chance to do that when we come back later.  We did however, manage to go out for a posh celebration on Friday night: an early celebration for Paul’s birthday as he will be away on the day; celebrating reaching our second antipodal point recently; celebrating Paul’s daughter announcing he will soon become a granddad; and celebrating Paul’s new job opportunity.  Seems like things have all come at once really!

Anyway, we’ve done what we can and now it’s time to pack up and go – Paul to England to get Landy’s new parts among other things – Helen to visit friends in La Serena.

Reckon I’ll be like a kid in a candy store when I get my laptop back off Paul!!

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