Road Improvements

17th August 2014 by Helen

The roadworks continued. This really is a massive road building programme all the way from central Kenya. The new road is being forged through villages all along the way, almost certainly displacing some families from their homes and businesses along the roadside.

Our mechanical woes were much less today – just one incident of a shifting of the front driver’s side spring shifting in place but at least not popping out. While we stopped to push it back in to place a small crowd gathered. One young teenage girl had a really bad case of conjunctivitis in both eyes. We gave the older man with her, obviously a relative, some ointment – he was very pleased, she just seemed depressed but hopefully will cheer up as her eyes get better. Driving throughout Ethiopia everyone is colourfully dressed, often in Western style clothing. But close up we could see it was obvious just how poor a condition their clothes are in, with many unrepaired open seams and tears.

As we neared Addis Ababa the roadworks ceased but the road condition was generally better. In the city itself, however, there are many more new roads being built, making follow a satnav an additional adventure. It wasn’t particularly easy but we located Wim’s Holland House (William is Dutch), apparently an overlanders’ paradise in a city centre, where we camped for the night. The surrounding area stank of open sewers and was crowded with roadside stalls selling all manner of wares. There weren’t too many people staying here and we found ourselves camped in what was in effect a car storage area over a work pit! The Hungarian Goulash in the restaurant is definitely to be recommended though.

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