1st October 2014 by Helen

After three weeks in England following Landy’s progress on the shipping tracking websites we flew back out to Istanbul to be reunited. A last minute delay in his leaving Port Said meant we had a few days longer in Istanbul than expected. On Sunday the shipping agents took us on a tour of the cafés and showed us some of the places of interest but otherwise we enjoyed a relaxing week wandering around the local streets around our apartment. Right on the edge of the old town, the former city of Constantinople, we spotted the small groups of men sitting outside the cafés drinking the traditional tea and coffee and playing cards or backgammon. We discovered our favourite café, the Negrile Café – or Waterpipe Café, where we sampled the traditional achingly sweet apple tea for ourselves and enjoying our first Turkish kebab in Turkey. Narrow streets, traditional buildings, Turkish carpets, calls to prayer, all made up the sights, sounds and smells of this part of town.

After Paul spent all day at the port on Tuesday we were reunited with Landy and it was time to get ready to leave this wonderful city.

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