Circumnavigation completed at Ramsgate Undercliff

11th October 2014 by Helen

Saturday 11 October

Our final route through Europe was sadly quicker than we hoped due to the last minute shipping delays that saw Landy held up in Port Said. From Istanbul we travelled firstly through Bulgaria (where I got to practice reading Cyrillic again) and Croatia where we stayed a couple of nights in Zagreb while Paul did some of that stuff called ‘work’ and I went shopping in Lidl’s (and made sure I bought a Lidl plastic reusable bag because it was written in Croatian). The next day we managed to drive in four separate countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany, noticing how the buildings became more Austrian in style and the scenery more mountainous as we approached Austria. From there we went to Brussels to meet up with our friend Marianne who first put up with us, I mean put us up, when she was working in Nicaragua. We’ve been joking that she’d be back out in another country before we managed to get to her but we made it. We’d arrived low on diesel but were quite unable to spot a fuel station as we tried to get out of the city until we went putter putter putter and Landy’s engine turned itself off. Fortunately a woman in a local corner store was hugely generous and took Paul off to the nearest fuel station a couple of kilometres away while I sat guard in Landy illegally parked on a traffic light.

As we get closer to England we have found our route converging with our journey in the opposite direction, passing the campsites where we spent our first two nights on the road. So much has happened since then!

Our last night was spent in Calais, which caters well for the many travellers using the ferries. Next morning we did not see the hordes of asylum seekers apparently running amok in Calais as we boarded the ferry to Dover.

Back in good old Blighty we hot wheeled it off the ferry, through Dover and on to Ramsgate where we met up with family who welcomed us home, right on the very spot where we posed for photos before we left in June 2010. Back on the ground where we began, our starting spot, we had finally completed our goal of a True Circumnavigation Overland!

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  1. will headapohl says:

    Well, The Headapohls are happy you made it and impressed. We came away from following your journey with the feeling — it’s very hard. You have to be the master of many many things, including how to juggle expenses, safety, a masters degree in Land Rover mechanics, improvisation, and writing skills. We will miss your entries. Perhaps you have inspired another generation to see the world in a sustainable fashion.

    Best to you both,


  2. trond says:

    Congratulations! What an adventure! Its very inspiring to read you blog and maybe, just maybe we will follow in your footsteps one day………

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