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Slowly slowly

3rd August 2013 by Helen

If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening, why there’ve been no blogs lately – it’s because it’s all been a bit slowly slowly here.  We and Landy are tucked up in Puerto Natales still but Landy is still feeling rather poorly!  The good news is that the new organs ready for transplant are on their way and the surgeon is anticipating getting out there to do the operating.

our new axle in it's packing box just before leaving England

our new axle in it’s packing box just before leaving England

In other words the replacement axle and steering box finally left England on 30th July, after much nerve wrenching negotiations and delays.  They are, however, ‘still in transit’.  As of today – 2nd August – we think they might have reached Santiago – or not as the case may be!

Once we know they are in Santiago we need to ensure they get through the customs process as speedily as possible before they fly off again to Punta Arenas from where we have to collect all 110 kg of them (probably on the bus) to get them back to here.  And then the work begins!

In the meantime Landy’s temporary importation runs out on 12th August so we are just starting the process to have that extended a little just in case there are any delays with customs.

I also face the same problem as my three month tourist visa expires the same day – Paul is of course OK as he went to England to source the new axle and steering box – the local Gobinero’s office told me today that I can either pay $100 to get an extension to my visa or for significantly dollars less I can hop on a bus and visit Argentina for the day to get a new three month entry visa!  Coming up – blog of a day trip to Argentina!


Youth Culture

29th May 2013 by Helen

A rare occurrence, I was reading the Sky Airlines in-flight magazine as I flew from Punta Arenas to La Serena, when I noticed the majority of the significant events being advertised for the South American countries served by Sky Airlines celebrated somewhat earlier generations. 

Charles Aznavour, aged 88, was scheduled to perform; at the age of 90 lead singer Omara Portuondo is the only surviving member of the Buena Vista Social Club; David Bowie celebrates his 24th and latest album release at the age of 66; and still performing legendary rock band Yes, from the 60’s and 70’s, looked older than all the rest!  On the grounds that he is already dead I’m not sure the exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh counts.  Standing up for younger generations, while playing a Stradivarius made in 1732, André Rieu was too young for his age to be worth mentioning but still didn’t look under 35.  Truly fresh faced and holding in there for the real youth were Jesse and Joy, 2012 Latin Grammy winners.

What happened to the “culture of youth” I wondered?  Where was the mix of generations?  Sure, only the artists who were truly good can survive through the years.  But why is it that among the ‘icons’ of today there doesn’t seem to be hardly any from the decades since the end of the 1970’s?

So, what is it?  Have Sky Airlines concluded that they only have passengers interested in the works and achievements of earlier generations?  Is there nothing exciting happening now, in the arena of the arts, to report?  Are there so few young and modern performers to celebrate today?  Have there been so few achievers of note still during the last thirty years?

The last ten days ….

28th May 2013 by Helen

… we have been occupied in Puerto Natales, getting ready for Paul to visit England during June and sourcing and ordering the parts needed for Landy’s repairs.  The weather has been mostly overcast so we haven’t had the opportunity to see the nearby lake at its best – we hope to get the chance to do that when we come back later.  We did however, manage to go out for a posh celebration on Friday night: an early celebration for Paul’s birthday as he will be away on the day; celebrating reaching our second antipodal point recently; celebrating Paul’s daughter announcing he will soon become a granddad; and celebrating Paul’s new job opportunity.  Seems like things have all come at once really!

Anyway, we’ve done what we can and now it’s time to pack up and go – Paul to England to get Landy’s new parts among other things – Helen to visit friends in La Serena.

Reckon I’ll be like a kid in a candy store when I get my laptop back off Paul!!