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26th September 2013 by Helen

Following a visit to the shipping office in the city centre we wandered back to our hotel, taking in the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires.  Paul flies out tomorrow night, I leave Saturday lunchtime.

Next blog will be from Africa in a couple of months time!!


25th September 2013 by Helen

Raring and ready to go!

Raring and ready to go!

Always is, at least for Paul.  Our expected loading of Landy in to the container at 9.00 this morning was delayed until 3.00 this afternoon, which meant most of the day hanging around the port just waiting.  Eventually Paul was able to drive down to the container area (only one person allowed with the vehicle), made sure Landy was securely strapped and safely stowed, nearly forgot his phone (disaster!!) which made it later than expected before we got in to Buenos Aires where we had pre-booked accommodation for the next three nights.  Because it was so late we took the luxury of a taxi from Zarate.  The ‘hotel’ however is a little less luxurious to say the least.  One of those old old old hotels that was once posh but is now somewhat tired.  Still, the toilet works, the shower is hot, the bed sufficiently comfortable, very clean (and certainly cleaner than last night) with a café down the road.



24th September 2013 by Helen

Well, we did it.  We reached Zarate around the middle of the day, found an excellent jet wash place and Landy is sparkling again.  Finding an hotel for us for the night proved a little more problematical as the first four we tried were all “no hay” – there is none – or we’re full.  Even the super duper looking expensive looking full of suited and booted businessmen on the outskirts of town was “no hay”.  Eventually found a bottom of the range, extremely basic hotel back in town, where I think I was the only female guest, everyone else being ‘workmen’ of some kind.