Worldwide Virtual Field Trip

Bringing the world into UK classrooms – A Worldwide Virtual Field Trip

The Going Overland Transglobal Expedition was established initially to honour an inner calling to adventure and exploration, but over its two years in planning it has become much more than that.   Utilising our passion for exploration, and a heartfelt belief that the children of our next generation will face significant social and environmental challenges, our mission is to help them learn how to shape themselves into global citizens, and our planet into a sustainable home for future generations.

Through their involvement in this adventure, over 20,000 children will join us on a 66,000 mile Virtual Field Trip through 45 countries, and witness, through satellite and interactive internet technology, a true surface circumnavigation of the world.   We will be connecting schools on different continents, facilitating experiments in the classroom from thousands of miles distant, and sharing with children ‘real life’ in ‘real time’.   Children will interact with us on expedition, and play a part in directing our route, activities and explorations.

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Direct from expedition, we want to engage pupils with other cultures and peoples, help them grow tolerance and understanding across global divides, and inspire them to care for, protect and cherish each other, and the world we all depend on.

The expedition will provide an alternative to popular negative media messages, and show how our own actions really can actually contribute to addressing environmental problems.


Travelling ‘virtually’ with us, children will visit hundreds of amazing places, see rare and threatened wildlife, meet fascinating people, and engage with some critical social and environmental challenges.  From some of the coldest places on earth to the hottest, from the highest places to the lowest, and the most inhabited to some of the most remote, we will journey with curiosity, compassion and conviction.  There will be no ‘firsts’, no ‘longest’, no ‘fastest’, no ‘hardest’.  But we will make it the most educational, and the most compelling.

“We are not travelling so that we may see different things; we are travelling so that we may see things differently”


We want to convey to children a sense of wonder, adventure and possibility, demonstrating that their own dreams can come true with hard work and persistence, and that challenges in life can be opportunities to reach for greater goals.