CNCF LOGO. 02.08After travelling to Mongolia in 2007 Paul was impressed by the fact that 20 years earlier Christina Noble had seen a problem she felt she could address and had taken action, dedicating her life to helping poor and displaced children and families through the Christina Noble Foundation which she set up.  One of our goals on this trip is to visit some of her projects in Mongolia with messages of support from UK children, and to provide some much needed financial support for her work.  Kent Treptow, Californian photographer and journalist has spent time with some of these street children, documenting their plight through some very poignant footage and words on his website.  You can literally take children off the freezing streets of Ulaanbator this winter, by donating to Christina’s ongoing work at out CNCF JustGiving page GoingOverland4Children.

Follow this link for You Tube video of interviews with street children and information about others working with children in Mongolia.



RC+websiteOne of our ongoing concerns remains the impact of human activity on our planet – call it global warming, climate change, or just sheer waste of resources.  Global change sceptics aside, one area that is being significantly affected by human activity are rainforests worldwide.  We will be travelling close to and maybe even through part of one of the best known rainforests in the world, the Amazonian Rainforest largely in Brazil, South America.  Rainforest Concern is actively engaged in finding workable local solutions that enable conservation of rainforests in Central and South America, and Africa.  Central to Rainforest Concern’s philosophy is the establishment of strong partnerships with small yet dynamic organisations in the countries where it operates.  Such long-term partnerships have repeatedly shown to result in the continued success of projects.  Please help us slow deforestation and preserve life in these unique environments by donating to Rainforest Concern’s important work via our JustGiving page GoingOverland4Rainforests.

WA_IN_SUPPORT_LOGOIn preparing a vehicle-based overland trip there have been two issues of greatest concern to us: having enough fuel and enough clean safe drinking water.  Followed closely of course by solving the problem of toilet facilities!  People in many of the poorest countries do not enjoy the luxury of water taps and toilets and the result is increased poverty and disease.  Water Aidworks in many of the poorest countries to help people achieve these twin basic human rights.  Their website includes many success stories about their work as well as links to both lighthearted and serious videos on YouTube.  Donate to the work of Water Aid through our Just Giving page GoingOverland4Water.