Partnership Opportunities

We are actively seeking partners to help in providing high quality learning opportunities direct from the expedition.

Current Financial Sponsors: The Schools Adsvisory Service.

‘In Kind’ Sponsors: General Tire, 4Site4x4, Skytag, Mirage Vehicle Graphics & Tint, Foley Specialist Vehicles, Goodwinch, Trek Overland, Miles & Barr Lettings, Halfords, Make Believe Ideas, MrThoughtful, QT, Foundry4x4.

If you would like to join our growing list of sponsors, please get in touch today.

There are wide ranging benefits available, including but not exclusively:

  1. Our previous experience at obtaining media coverage for expeditioning, means a high likelihood that we will achieve exposure for your brand across a range of media (e.g. local and national press, specialist magazines, local TV and radio, internet and social media).
  2. We can bias the publicity to have a strong brand association – with off roading, overlanding, extreme adventure, technical competence, self actualisation, education, environmental issues, social issues, and ecology – dependent on your sector, product or service range.
  3. Your brand will visibly demonstrate support for education – high PR value.
  4. Your brand will achieve direct access to defined markets via exposure on the vehicle and website – 17000 children, their teachers and families; the 4×4 community; adventure travellers; etc.
  5. Financial partners will enjoy ongoing brand exposure via credits on documentary films produced of the expedition and distributed online and via cable TV.
  6. We can field test your equipment and technical services in some of the most remote and hostile environments on the planet, and provide you with intelligent feedback on performance and potential for improvements.
  7. As experienced and well regarded speakers, we can provide free motivational keynotes for your business on a range of subjects including the expedition, our discoveries, or  leadership and personal motivation.
  8. We can provide client hospitality days on our return, with a whole range of activities based around off road driving, expeditionning and adventure travel.

If you or your company can see the value in being asssociated with our expedition and are able to offer some assistance, either financial or by the provision of essential equipment, then we would be very grateful if you would contact Paul in the first instance by email at to arrange a discussion or for a copy of our partnership pack.