Home team

Nats avatar photoNatalie Glover: Natalie is Paul’s daughter and key operator keeping the business running while we are away. Natalie is also the lynchpin for communication back home, and our media and PR person.

File0030Stuart Boyd: An old friend of Paul’s since their teens – we hope we do not need to call on his services too often in his role as our primary emergency problem solver, parts finder and general Mr Fixer!

John Elliott: A friend of ours who manages to make IT and internet wizardry interesting and easy(ish) to understand, and who can do magical things with it. He’s generously offered to be our Web, IT and communications advisor.

JulesJules Jackson: Friend and business colleague of Paul’s who has taken charge of our social networking media.  Become a fan of our Facebook page or email socialmedia@goingoverland.com to find out more.


The home team will play a vital role in helping us keep in touch, looking after our affairs while we are away and being a point of contact in an emergency. We cannot thank them enough for their support, given freely and out of their love and care for us.

We would also like to thank family, friends and business colleagues, who have all offered their support and encouragement, including everyone who responded to our Great Book Clearout, which formed part of our house clearance sales.