Why overland?

a little flying here?Well, we could be quite simplistic and say that Helen has always fancied living like a nomad in a white van, and Paul is a bit mad on adventure, but in reality it’s a bit deeper than that!

For us, Overlanding is not about ticking off miles or destinations visited, chalking up experiences or collecting souvenirs.  It’s an opportunity to stretch ourselves, get outside our comfort zone, to learn from that experience.  It’s a state of mind, a lifestyle choice, a chance to learn to live with the rhythms of nature, not protected from the earth by a layer of concrete and a Tesco’s down the road.

We could travel by plane, but hopping from one place to another leaves little chance to experience and understand the differences and transitions between cultures and attitudes.  We hope to be more than just tourists in the places we visit.

If we had been younger or fitter, or started a long time ago, we may have backpacked our way around the world.  But our bodies are less strong than they were, and time is not on our side.

And anyway, the Land Rover is white and looks like a van, and the trip will no doubt be an adventure!