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The President’s Birthday

6th July 2010 by Helen

6th July

Today is the President’s birthday.  The biggest celebrations are going on in the capital city of Astana, but still the locals here in Kyzlordya have been proud to tell us today is a day of celebration.

Last night we had driven out of town trying to find somewhere to camp, but once again it is mainly marshland and a haven everywhere for mozzies.  Opted to sleep in the cab rather than run the gauntlet and put the tent up.  Enjoyed a luxury shower inside our mozzie net under our awning this morning.

The amazing thing is how quickly you get used to doing this sort of thing by the roadside in a country where nobody bats an eyelid.

The other day when Paul was working on Landy the toilets had no doors and opened up to a view of the road.  Squatting over the hole Paul saw a local on a horse and cart trotting towards him!!  Now in England that would have been excruciatingly embarrassing, but somehow here these things are much more natural.

Paul’s first birthday on the road

22nd June 2010 by Helen

Sunday 13th June

2010 06 13 lorry park where we slept last night (2)Waking up in the lorry park Paul was encouraged by opening a couple of birthday cards he had been given just before we left.  Unfortunately he seems have lost his phone (or possibly had it stolen) and couldn’t pick up any other messages of goodwill.  Still, after what was a fairly uncomfortable night we were quickly on the road again heading through Poland.  Found a nice campsite late afternoon and decided to stay there for the night.  Today was the end of a three day arts festival bringing together artists who have various disabilities or none, and they were just finishing off with some kind of awards ceremony.  Finished off by celebrating Paul’s birthday with a nice meal at the on-site restaurant.