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Ready for the Expo

31st March 2011 by Helen
Landy getting all spruced up ready for the Expo

Landy getting all spruced up ready for the Expo

White toast and jam masquerading as a hotel ‘continental breakfast’ was not as inspiring as the chat we had with Billy in the breakfast room.  Billy is a traveller, he just doesn’t know it yet.  He thinks of himself as homeless instead.

Took Landy in for a jet wash to get him all spruced up ready for the Expo.  Finally arrived at Amado and set up camp onsite ready for the weekend event.  Met other overlanders who are also here for the weekend – including Anna and Pablo who have been on the road for 11 years!!  We feel like amateurs!!

half million $ Unicat - with Anna & Paulo's Mitsubishi next door

half million $ Unicat - with Anna & Pablo's Mitsubishi next door

Anna and Pablo’s old Mitsubishi van was parked right next to a half million dollar Unicat.  Talk about opposite ends of the overlanding scale!!


3rd September 2010 by Helen

That’s it. 

I’ve had enough. 

I can’t stand any more. 

At all.

I never did like tinned fruit and I force myself to swallow the second piece of peach in syrup of the morning.  Paul is quite happy to gobble up the remains of the jar.  I pull out some stale bread and dip it in the remains of a jar of jam.  Ahhh, that’s better.

In an attempt to find an alternative to always cooking sausage and eggs for breakfast we started buying jars of peaches in syrup.  It had to be peaches because that’s just about the only preserved fruit you can buy in the villages.   It was OK for a few days but now I’ve had enough.  Going to have to find an alternative.  Go with the bread and jam.  That’s what I thought until we’d been staying at the Oasis for a few days.  Breakfast here is described as ‘continental’, which in this case means toast and jam every day.  And now I’ve had enough of that too.  Think I’ll have to get in the habit of boiling the eggs the night before.  Except Paul likes the peaches but doesn’t like plain hard boiled eggs.  Sometimes our differences are not so much profound as just plain inconvenient!