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Overawed in Utah

19th January 2011 by Helen

Following the break-in on our vehicle in Salt Lake City we have been delighted by the way the Land Rover community have rallied round:

Land Rover Dealership, Centerville, Salt Lake City, Utah

Land Rover Dealership, Centerville, Salt Lake City, Utah


Land Rover Centerville – thanks guys for the donation of a new window to replace the one broken.  It was great meeting you.




untitledHuge thanks for all your advice and support in resourcing the parts we needed, along with your suggestions, contacts and hospitality.


Starter Motor

Big thanks to Rovers Down South for the new starter motor.  Paul will no longer have his heart in his mouth each time he turns that key!!

Getting sorted in Almaty

13th July 2010 by Helen

12th July

Thanks to the amazing help of Zaure we secured our visa extension and now have until 24th July before we need to leave Almaty.  She was an absolute powerhouse leading us into the Immigration office, writing a letter on our behalf requesting an extension of 15 days (the maximum we are allowed to extend) and explaining our situation.  The immigration officer was friendly and laughed at our letter (Zaure had written the letter based on what we had told her).  Once again the way people who do not know us have gone out of their way to help has been beyond anything we could have expected.  Max and Zaure’s staff have been helping us find computer cables and Land Rover parts (although the task continues tomorrow), but the greatest relief is having the visa situation resolved.

Paul has particularly marvelled at how by  chance we should meet a couple who run their business along the same principles as he has been teaching and promoting through his work in the UK, and there has been much common ground.  In a land we have already fallen in love with I suspect there will be continued contact in years to come.  I’m sure Paul will have more to say on this subject in one of his more reflective blogs later on.

Razor wire & more kindness

13th July 2010 by Helen

11th July

After tea and more conversation with our new Turkish friend at the TIR park we headed on in to Almaty.  The main road passes through Kyrgystan, however as we do not have a visa for Kyrgystan we joined the many other vehicles on the detour road running alongside the border of the two countries.  This was a stark reminder of the civil war that is going on in Kyrgystan.  All along this road there were soldiers putting up fencing with razor wire, punctuated by observsation posts.  Yet, even so there are houses being built, fields full of the next wheat crop, and then our first sight of the amazing Tien Shan mountains up ahead, towering over Almaty city, with snow capped peaks and snow gullys to make the mouth of a mountaineer water.

As we climbed higher and higher we learned Landy is not too keen on the oxygen thin air at 1,000 metres above sea level.

Entering Almaty itself we joined the melee of traffic, honking and shoving and generally nerve-wracking.  With finding a computer shop on our list of jobs to do we spotted and followed a sign to a TechnoDom store, where we found a large air conditioned shopping centre.  Coming out with some new tapes for our video and some groceries and household goods, we were packing them into Landy when a couple stopped to look at our vehicle.  Max had been drawn to look at our car because of our hi-lift jack, thinking these must be people who know how to do things properly when overlanding.  Speaking fluent English Max invited us back to their house for a meal and to stay the night and offers of help in sorting out our visa problem (it runs out tomorrow) and finding the Land Rover parts we need for Landy.

This has been another example of the amazing kindness of strangers.