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Heading North

29th July 2010 by Helen

Wednesday 21st July

We certainly know we are heading north now.  It’s getting much cooler (more reasonable really) and we are beginning to see more2010 07 21 - village scenes on the way north from Almaty (2) - donkey & cart rain clouds (and even some rain).  Basically for the next couple of days we are just pushing on to get to Semey as soon as we can.  We want to take a break just outside Semey so Paul can download all our videos so far on to the new laptop, get them edited ready for uploading somewhere in Semey, and do some general camp and car maintenance, before we head into town and an Internet café.

We did manage to stop at a bazaar in a small town where I bought what we’ve dubbed an S&M dress – a hoodie dress that zips up right over the face!!  Still, makes a change from camping clothes.

2010 07 21 - roadside cafe on the road from Almaty to Taldyqorghan (2)Also paused from time to time to take photos of some of the scenes we have been passing – typical villages along the way, plants and insects, that sort of thing.

Health update – rather boringly for the doom-mongers we have not suffered much.  I’ve had a couple of very mild doses of food poisoning (dodgy egg served in the hotel restaurant in Stavrapol, Russia, and leftover meat eaten the next day after Aqtobe, Kazakhstan), Paul picked up a rather nasty bug just short of Shieli that left him feeling rather poorly for a couple of days.  Apart from that my histamine levels have shot up in response to the mozzies and I long ago gave up on short sleeve tops, skirts and shorts when there is any sign of them being around.  Unfortunately, unlike Paul, I don’t actually hear or feel them, I only know they’ve been attacking me several hours later when the bumps appear.  Fortunately, here in Kazakhstan, it has been so dry I’ve managed to continue relatively unscathed.  Not looking forward to what I know is likely to be mozzie land in the Russian Far East.  And for some reason we are both permanently on the Bristol Stool Scale number 6-7 whilst feeling quite well!!

2010 07 21 - flowers and insects beside the road from Almaty to Taldyqorghan (15)2010 07 21 - scenery on the road from Almaty to Taldyqorghan (29)Something short of a small health miracle has happened to Paul.  Continuous pain in his right hip and across his lower back, from which he has suffered for the last 6 or 7 years, has somehow miraculously disappeared.  Must be something to do with the hard bed, clean air, and the fact that he has lost a stone and a half in weight.  Actually, we’ve both lost weight as I’ve lost about a stone myself.  Paul says he feels fitter and more flexible, although I’ve only noticed that I need to buy a belt to hold my jeans up.  Must be the lack of sugar in the diet!!  Certainly not the lack of fat as much of Kazakhstan is barren which means meat and pasta form the staple diet, and cooking in butter or animal fat is universal.

Distance travelled 379 km

Overnight campsite – just past town of Sargan

More two steps forward, one back

13th April 2010 by Helen

Well, Paul’s done his philosophical bit as he struggles to cope with the abundance of doom and gloom questions from the kids.

What with us both being ill when we got back our preparation progress has got a bit behind.  Despite that we’ve still managed to get some more of our vaccinations done (almost complete now).  There’s been a delay in the receipt of our Russian Letter of Invitation, which will mean a delay in getting our Russian visa.  We have however, received our new laptop which we will be taking with us, thanks to the folks at TVP.  Paul has managed to get outside and do some more work on fitting out Landy’s rear storage compartment.

The ‘great book clearout’ is now closed and I took all the remaining books, plus a load more that we had sorted out, to our local second hand bookshop who took about half of them off our hands. 

Having followed up some previous enquiries about the sale of furniture we have now sold off almost all our furniture except our bed (which will go into storage), a sideboard and a bookcase.  Paul had a novel experience last weekend when I opened the house up as a giant boot fair and various people turned up and rummaged around our personal items, buying some and leaving some as they felt fit.  Still, it brought in nearly £200.  To put that into context, that will fund around 4 days’ travel.

The TV has gone on long term loan.  In trying to cancel my TV licence it is quite apparent that the TV Licencing Authority have no concept that anyone can live without a TV.  When I lived without a TV before they kept writing to me warning me in strong terms that watching TV without a licence is a criminal offence.  Only in the small print is there ever any mention of not needing a licence if you don’t have a TV.  I’m expecting a battle in trying to get the refund I’m due.  Maybe those kids who kept asking, “won’t you get bored without a TV” know something we don’t!!

We now have a former lounge full of various bits and pieces either being advertised in the front window, on eBay or heading for another boot fair.  We have a former dining room with a growing corner of stuff that ultimately needs to be packed into Landy ready for departure.  The other corner has two camp chairs and a large plastic crate pretending to be a dining table.  It feels like camping indoors.

Finally, I would like to thank James for the following to add to my collection of proverbs.  As usual, if you know what it means, feel free to reply in a post.

Refrain from embarking upon the education of a senior citizen, to whom you are related, regarding the removal by the application of vacuum, of an unfertilized foetus of a flightless bird, from its protective ceramic shell.