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Staying in one place

29th July 2010 by Helen

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July & Monday 26th July

2010 07 26 - working on Landy (10)

maintenance and repairs

Saturday morning the inevitable checks on the car turned up some more jobs to be done – the radiator had worked loose in its mounting, which explains the light rattle that’s started over the last day.  The water hose had also come loose and, along with other hoses, and been rubbing against each other, causing a small leak to the water hose.  And so it was on Monday that Paul had the front off the car and spent about 12 hours fixing these things, along with also sorting out some wiring that had needed finishing off and we now have a horn that works.  Means we can join in the tooting with all the other drivers!!  And a couple of jobs ticked off the to do list.

Paul creating our new front number plate

Paul creating our new front number plate

We also have a ‘number plate’ on the front bumper as well.  It’s been amazing but we have driven many miles, through loads of police road checks, and not once have we been pulled over for not having a front number plate.  Still, with the application of some white spray paint and black permanent marker pen, that’s another job ticked off the to do list.

At night we can hear what sounds like a bird calling, however there are virtually no birds in this barren place and we think it might be a small burrowing creature a little smaller than a rabbit.  There are quite a few insects here, a few spiders, plenty of flies, quite a few moths and some butterflies.  Not much in the way of mozzies or midges although I have managed to gain a few more bites while here!!  Again!!

This has been the perfect spot for Paul to tackle the job of downloading and editing videos now we’ve got the new laptop.  Progress has been slow and not without its problems.  The main one being that we have found some of the recordings have corrupted and we have lost valuable and unrepeatable footage.  He’s still finding his way around the new program on the computer but things are looking up.

For me it’s been a chance to catch up with some of the domestics, doing the washing, that sort of stuff, as well as getting on with some writing and trip admin.

2010 07 25 - campsite - sunset (22)

photos just don't do this sunset justice

We’ve seen some lovely sunsets and experienced changes in weather from burning sunshine through to chilly thunder and lightning.

We finally left quite late Monday, which is a shame because now we won’t have any time to explore Semey as our visas expire on Tuesday and we don’t know how long it will take to actually get through border controls, and so don’t want to take any chances.

Distance travelled 118