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15th March 2011 by Helen

mexxi's logoIt’s been a lovely couple of nights staying at the KOA campsite in Costanoa.  It’s been a bit primitive in the camping area but it’s been very peaceful and I’ve absolutely loved the racket made by what sounds like a whole army of frogs living in the field right behind the tent.

nclrclub logoAfter a gentle start to the day we were on the move again.  Not far though.  We were delighted to accept an invite to dinner with the Northern California Land Rover Club at Mexxi’s in San Ramon a little north again from the campsite.  We had a great evening talking Land Rovers and Expeditions – and some really great food.

Campsite – Being rather late back on the road we opted for a Walmart ‘camp’ as we head south again.

Valley of the Gods & Monument Valley

6th February 2011 by Helen

This morning we took a walk around Sand Island and looked at some more petroglyphs here before heading off to drive through the Valley of the Gods.  Driving through the Navajo Indian Reservation we posed for photos in front of the Mexican Hat monument before stopping for lunch at San Juan cafe in the town of Mexican Hat.  We had a great chat with a local Indian artist working at the cafe before heading off again through Monument Valley down to Flagstaff (on Route 66).  By now it was dark and the rest area was closed so we stopped at the truckers garage (Pilot) for the night.  The roads through the Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley were ‘off road’ but in good condition and an easy drive for a 4×4.  Drove 294 miles today.

Lake Bonneville

25th January 2011 by Helen
Tree of Peace aka Utah Tree

Tree of Peace aka Utah Tree

After our night at the rest area we headed on west towards Wendover.  Our first stop was to be the Tree of Peace, also known as the Utah Tree.  I was looking forward to seeing this modern work of art.  The picture in the tourist book made it look as though it was somewhere you could stop and contemplate.  But no.  The I80 at that point has signs saying ‘no stopping’, there was no car park and the tree itself was fenced off with no access to it.  Shame.

Paul overlooking the Bonneville Salt Lake

Paul overlooking the Bonneville Salt Lake

So we headed on to our next destination – Bonneville Salt Flats.  All I can say is the scenery was stunning.  This is the only known place where the land is flat enough for far enough to undertake land world speed records.  Ten miles of flat ground, where from the start you cannot see the end because of the curvature of the earth.

Helen & Landy - where the road ends at the Bonneville Salt Lake

Helen & Landy - where the road ends at the Bonneville Salt Lake

We headed down the road towards the flats but were disappointed to find where the road came to an end the land was covered in water.  Of course, we should have realised that in winter the land floods, but dries out to recreate the flat salt bed in the summer.  We’ll have to come back another year to test Landy’s world speed record!!

Back on the I80 we stopped at the Salt Flats Café – a genuine Mexican American café.  Our friend Carl in Seattle told us to look out for Mexican café’s where there are Mexican customers because that’s where the best Mexican food it.  He’s right. We had a fantastic meal and very good value.

And so it was we continued on to Wendover where we stayed overnight in the lorry park between Burger King and McDonalds.  A rose between two thorns.

Distance travelled – 74 miles