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Poland Day 1

12th June 2010 by Helen

Early start again after another uncomfortable night.  Stopped at a McDonalds for lunch.  Our first since leaving home (Paul’s first for about eight years).  Weather increasingly hot and humid at an average of 32 degrees C.  Pleased to find Poland and Germany have an open border and so just sailed through.  Quickly noticed the differences in the road services provisions.  Whilst the roads themselves were very good, there were fewer services although again this is a country that is sympathetic to the lorry driver.  Lots of small lay-bys along motorways and dual carriageways for impromptu car repairs, perhaps reflecting the apparently older age of the average car on the road.

Heading for Wroklaw we noticed a campsite sign, followed it and found the campsite has now closed down.  Sought directions to another campsite and found ourselves driving around somewhat lost until we were directed back to the first campsite.  There we met Artur Kuzma who led us in his car to a house that did B&B and when we explained we really wanted to camp led us to the house he is building for himself and let us camp in his back garden, giving us free access to water and a cold beer each.  Amazing kindness of strangers.  He spoke a little English and told us he is a fireman.  He also gave us directions to Auschwitz where we want to visit tomorrow.  Ended our day with our first outdoor shower and getting bitten alive by midges.  Wild camping in someone’s back garden is a little surreal.