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Introduction to Ukraine

22nd June 2010 by Helen

Wednesday 16th June

Early start (about 6.00 am) to get away from the border area and we made good progress through Ukraine. Driving through Ukraine today we have particularly noticed the change in scenery and road conditions.  The main roads (there are no more than about a dozen miles of motorway in the whole country) are simply twin track roads, sometimes three and occasionally four track with the odd surprising bit of dual carriageway.  The road surface is largely bumpy, although rather strangely the signs indicating uneven surfaces usually come where the tarmac is actually the least bumpy and rutted!!  They are punctuated with frequent zebra crossings, 2010 06 17 - scenery in Ukraine (7)bus stops and roadside shrines.  By the side of these main roads are hens and geese pecking at the dirt, along with cows and goats grazing the verges.  From time to time it is even possible to see mixed herds of cows, goats, hens, and geese!!  Where there are villages alongside the roads there are inevitably small stalls set outside the homes, where people sell their wares: a couple of pints of goat’s milk, a few eggs, a few jars of wild berries collected locally, some produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers grown on allotments.

Stopped for brunch in Ternopil before driving on to just outside a small village called Majdan where we camped at the edge of a forest, on common ground (just as a local was taking his small herd of cows home for  the night).  Surrounded by midges and mosquitoes we both looked a treat dressed head to toe in Buffs, hoodies, and mosquito repellent.  Unfortunately the smoked fish we had for our supper did not seem to put them off!!  Paul struggled to eat this rather strong smelling and tasting local delicacy we had bought earlier from a roadside stall, while Helen happily devoured hers and even posed for photos while doing so.

This afternoon Paul had his first KMFM (radio) interview since our journey began.