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Interviews, water and an amazing shop

16th August 2010 by Helen

Saturday 31st July

After a late start we hit the more touristy region of the Altai, evidenced not just by the rows and rows of souvenir stalls selling silly and not so silly hats, beach toys, and such like, but also the Bavarian style restaurant with artificial water wheel and artificial fountain outside.

After brunch at aforementioned restaurant we headed on out again, looking for opportunities to fill our on board water tank, and, seeing some people filling water bottles from a spring we stopped to see if the water was good.  A filtration plant next to it suggested it was and we were able to completely fill our water tank with safe, clean, drinking water.  In the meantime, a young man and woman stopped to speak to us.  He turned out to be a freelance professional photographer and journalist and we were interviewed in a combination of bits of Russian and English and had our photo taken.  Somewhere we may be on a Russian internet site and even in print.  We’re hoping he will email us with the link, in which case we will add it to the site.

We have found that our table, stored in the rear seating area, has caused some damage to some wiring and so are now strapping it to the roof.  This is inconvenient to say the least.  This was one of our unresolved problems before we left the UK and now we have to resolve it.  Paul has been looking out for some lengths of angled aluminium to make some better storage under the roof rack.  None to be found anywhere.  Then just as we were passing through a village I saw a sign for a shop that appeared to sell at least screws.  Stopping, we found they also sold some angled fittings, that although not what Paul wanted originally, but can be used to do the job.

An amazing shop, He had only been open for five days when we called in and was still unpacking some of his stock.  Everything was laid out neatly and he had virtually every size of screw, nut, bolt, fitting and whatnot, there is going.  A real specialist shop if ever there was one and Paul was entranced.  I really hope he does well in his business.  Before we left he gave us a signed copy of a book he has written.  It’s all in Russian, so now I have something to work on to practice my translation skills (when I’ve finished the somewhat easier children’s book, Ali Baba, which I bought in Almaty for that purpose).

Campsite – wild camping by a river in the Altai region of Russia

Distance travelled 135 km

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Titov and an Abacus

16th August 2010 by Helen

Friday 30th July

After spending the day in town yesterday, we went returned to our previous campsite again for the night.  However, under attack from the mozzies this morning we quickly set off and stopped at the next roadside facility, where I thought I ordered sausage and eggs but it turned out to be a rather strange combination of meat and coleslaw in a bun with a long sausage doughnut!!  Ho hum.  Still, it was food.  Well, it was for me, Paul couldn’t stomach such a strange concoction for what was still breakfast to him.

2010 07 30 - Titov Museum (1)

Helen outside the museum

Driving on we saw several signs to a local museum.  Turns out we were in the area where the cosmonaut Titov had grown up and gone to school and they were very proud of their link to history.  Although we couldn’t read the signs and information it was still possible to understand the man’s history and see his family photos.  It was also amazing to see the detail of the spaceships they used.  A reminder that these men really were putting their lives on the line and going into the unknown.  It’s been said before, but the technology and their facilities we would now regard primitive and their mission bordering on the insane.  That there were not more deaths is a miracle.

2010 07 30 - Titov museum - shop opposide (3)

shop counter with abacus - on the wall opposite the counter there are bikes and washing machines and to the right is toiletries and clothes

Stopping at the grocery store opposite was like going back to an even earlier era.  A small village shop, in a space no larger than 40 foot by 15 foot, they sold everything from washing machines, bikes, clothes, toiletries, ice cream, as well as general grocers and freezer products.  The finishing touch was the abacus on the counter, in constant use.

small 'superstore' opposite Titov museum

small 'superstore' opposite Titov museum

It was here I finally bought a new belt to hitch up my jeans, to counter the effect of the little bit of weight I’ve lost in the last few weeks.  Spying a white belt hanging up I asked to look at it.  The white turned out to be on the inside.  The outside is embroidered with green, yellow, blue and white, with sparkly little bits of silver tinsel stuck to it, and little silver bobbles along the edges.  As soon as I saw it in all its glory I just couldn’t resist it, at which Paul was appalled.  As it only cost 64 Roubles (about £1.50), needless to say the sparkly bits are slowly coming off and decorating the inside of the car, the tent and even, on one occasion, I noticed, the latrine!!  Paul’s kind of come to accept that it’s the right belt for me and is learning to live with the sparkly bits!

Museum latitude 53.21514

Museum longitude 84.63638

Camped just past the town of Bijsk

Distance travelled 176 km