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Visas and Volcanoes = revised departure date

7th May 2010 by Helen

Most of you will know that we should have left the UK this week, even to the point of missing the election.  But we didn’t.  The reason?

Visas and Volcanoes

Unfortunately our Russian visa is not yet sorted.  And some delays in work being completed on the car due to the unusually inclement weather earlier in the year has been exacerbated by a critical piece of equipment being held up in America thanks to a certain volcano not so long ago.

However, all things work together for good as they say.  This development is probably fortuitous as the winch motor has developed a problem and this really is something we would not want to be without once we depart.  So Paul now has the time to get to grips with an angle grinder to remove the strategically placed security bolts holding on the winch, in order to remove the winch from the winch bumper, in order to remove the winch casing, in order to get to the winch motor.  All with the permission of the manufacturers who do not normally allow this sort of thing.

Revised departure date = first week of June.