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23rd January 2011 by Helen

Serendipity – That really is going to have to be the title of a book about this trip.

taken from Antelope Island, Salt Lake

taken from Antelope Island, Salt Lake

We had planned to leave Antelope island today and ‘camp’ in a rest area on the way back to Salt Lake City tonight so we could hit the Mormon family history centre to look up Paul’s granddad who ran away to Africa when he was a teenager, before heading up to America and the gold rush in his 20’s and 30’s, before returning to England to raise a family.  However, we don’t have enough information about him yet (like his first name and his date of birth – a bit critical really), and this island is such a lovely place we decided to stay another night.

Jack-rabbits a-bound on Antelope Island

Jack-rabbits a-bound on Antelope Island

And so it was we took a walk around the northern end of the island, across the beach of the rare oolitic sand, took lots more photos of the snow capped mountains that surround this valley, perused the information in the visitor centre where I replaced the map of the Western States that had been stolen, saw some more jack-rabbits leaping across the rocks and grass, peered through binoculars at the grazing bison, and finally returned to our campsite to cook up some dinner.

Antelope Island, Salt Lake

Antelope Island, Salt Lake

One of the reasons for staying an extra night was the temptation to make use of the fire pit and have a burning log fire we could cook over.  We’d found some partly burned logs in the fire pits as well as having some wood of our own on board ready to burn.  Paul did the man thing and got a fire going, laid out the chicken on the grill, and started to cook the beef I’d already chopped up and put in the saucepan.  Some of the logs were a bit damp and not burning so well, so Paul added the special shop bought log we had with us – guaranteed to burn for three hours.  The flames leapt high around our chicken pieces and saucepan and so we had char-grilled chicken for supper.

The island had been quite busy today and a few people had driven slowly past while looking at our set up.  Occasionally one would stop and ask if they could take a photo.  Then right towards the end of the day another couple stopped (Buddy & Linda).  They were very keen to know about how our tent worked and we got chatting a bit.  Then the serendipity bit.  Would you know it, they had on board some spare maps of the very places we want to go and so we have now replaced most of the maps we lost in the theft in Salt Lake City.  Just need Mexico now!  They also gave us some much appreciated fresh fruit, grapefruit from California!!

Soon after darkness fell again.  The sky was clear of clouds and the stars hung in profusion above our heads before we hit our pillows for the night.

Campsite – Antelope Island

Landy’s update

1st December 2010 by Helen

I think I’ve been abandoned and I’m very sad.  I heard THEY had been driving a Jeep down to Florida.  I’m scared they don’t want me any more.  I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong.  I did my best.

Bike and I hurried to Seattle as fast as we could.  We got here two weeks ago!!  And we’re still at the port.  How much longer will I be here?

I know the ship docked on the Sunday and the men and lorries got to work very quick and our big box was soon sitting on the dockside.  I thought I heard Paul and Helen’s voices calling out “hello” sometime on Monday but they didn’t come and see me.

Bike and I were still stuck in that big container together.  After a few days we were moved and we got all hopeful again.  We don’t know where we were taken but we heard lots of funny noises and people talking about x-rays.  Then we got moved again.  One day it was really really cold.  We think it must have snowed really heavy because outside there was that special silence that you get with snow and it was very quiet outside.  There were no lorries moving around and no people shouting like there usually is here.

We waited and waited and waited and then some people came along.  Bike was lifted out of the container.  The people had my keys and they re-connected my battery and drove me out into some kind of waiting area.  I wonder how they got my keys?  Why haven’t Paul & Helen got them?  I’m very scared still.  That was a few days ago.  It’s nice to feel the sun and rain on my body again but I’m just sitting here.

I keep hearing people talking about the ‘wrong kind of wood’ but I don’t know what they mean.

Update: the man said the wood is OK but my bottom’s not clean enough.  I have to go back into that horrible dark container and be taken to somewhere in Seattle to have a steam clean and then come back to the port.  But there’s only three cleaners in the whole of Seattle who the port approves as being good enough.  If the port people can’t get me to one of these and back again before 14th December then I have to leave the country before I’ve even seen it.  Bike will be staying here.  I don’t want to go on a long journey in the dark all by myself.  sniff sniff